40% higher yield in Kiwi

"We can conclude that applying penergetic b and penergetic p products during season 2021-22 had a significant influence on productivity of a Hayward... more

Trial with 1792 pigs in Ireland: increased ADG, ADFI and better FCR with penergetic t

The addition of penergetic t to the standard Kiernan diet resulted in an increase of +2.91% in average daily gain (ADG), reduction of the average... more

reduced nitrogen rate by 30% without yield loss.

Three studies, conducted by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) show that despite the reduction of mineral nitrogen by 30%, the yield was... more

CTAEX study: 20% reduction of fertilization in tomatoes without yield loss.

The study had as objective to evaluate the crop yield under a 20% reduction of fertilization when using penergetic. The conclusion was that the... more

The positive effect of Penergetic when using cover crops

The positive effect of penergetic on the different mixtures of cover crops in this trial was significant (13-61% increase in yield).

The use of... more

13% higher grain yield in winter wheat despite reduced quantity of mineral nitrogen

"It was confirmed that these two combinations allowed the obtention of a higher yield of grain by 13%, compared to the full nitrogen dose.... more

Visibly reduced crust in lagoon of 300 cow free stall dairy in Washington

The application of penergetic g resulted in a significant reduction of the surface crust in the lagoon in Washington within days. The lagoon of the... more

yearly yield increase over 6 years in the UK

The 6-year trial in the United Kingdom shows an overall yield increase of all tested crops with the use of penergetic b and penergetic p. The maximum... more

Problems with heavy layers in pig slurry are solved

A pig farm in the UK was struggling with floating layers on the slurry. Some of the layers were up to 45cm thick. Sedimentation layers of up to 30cm... more

Advantages in coffee planting when using cover crops and penergetic products

In all treatments with Penergetic and cover crops, the coffee dry grain yield was increased. The yield in bags/ha when using Penergetic (PNG) and... more