organic lagoon treatment

Fantastic results in slurry lagoon

With the application of penergetic g, the heavy crust on the lagoon surface of a 300 cow dairy farm in Canada dissolved within eight weeks. Prior to... more

up to 16 bags/ha more coffee dry grain yield

In all treatments with Penergetic and cover crops, the coffee dry grain yield was increased. The yield in bags/ha when using Penergetic (PNG) and... more

Corn testimonial USA left Penergetic - right control

Increased corn yield with the penergetic plant products

Silage corn is an important agricultural crop feed to livestock worldwide, but crop production is facing increasing stresses caused due to natural and... more

increase crop yield with penergetic

Study University of Warsaw: Reduce dose of mineral fertilizer by 30% and still achieve an increase in yield

[...]It was confirmed that the two combinations allowed a higher yield of maize grain by 2.9% and 8.8%, respectively, compared to the full nitrogen... more

Reduce nitrogen without yield loss in sugar beet

Study conducted by the Institute of Agriculture at Warsaw University of Life Sciences—SGGW

The results obtained in several locations proved that it is possible to reduce the fertilization of sugar beet with mineral nitrogen by 30% without... more

Sustainable and profitable agriculture technology of Penergetic for plant growth and soil fertility.

New explanation video for penergetic p for plants and penergetic b for soil

The short video explains the mode of action of the Penergetic Biostimulation.

Scientific Publication in the Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences : In Vitro Activation of Microbial Growth in Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

"Significant increases in fungal and bacterial growth were observed when using the commercial biostimulator in culture medium."

Publication of... more

plant productivity increase in case of heat stress

Scientific publication on the importance of mycorrhizae formation under heat stress conditions

The advances in productivity and product quality observed in world agriculture lead to the use of new technologies capable of meeting current demands.... more

Penergetic: S-GE member of the month

Penergetic has been elected member of the month by S-GE in January 2020.

Penergetic products for the full potential of plants, soil, animals and the environment.

Penergetic und DIMO in Sri Lanka

«…Penergetic supports an efficient yet gentle approach to agriculture in which plants, animals and the environment are strengthened and can achieve... more