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CTAEX study: 20% reduction of fertilization in tomatoes without yield loss.

The study had as objective to evaluate the crop yield under a 20% reduction of fertilization when using penergetic. The conclusion was that the penergetic treated area obtained good results throughout the cycle and after harvest.


  • The objective of developing the crop under a 20% reduction of the fertilization units in the PENERGETIC thesis with respect to the CTAEX control has been achieved, obtaining good results throughout the cycle and after the harvest.
  • The incorporation of the PENERGETIC products in processing tomatoes had an impact on both the chlorophyll content of the leaves and the development of the plants, with significant differences between treatments, showing a higher percentage of chlorophyll and cover in the PENERGETIC thesis.
  • Regarding the nutritional status at foliar level, the plants of the CTAEX thesis showed a higher percentage of phosphorus compared to the PENERGETIC thesis, these differences did not imply a deficiency in the latter, showing the good nutritional status of both theses.
  • The use of PENERGETIC products made it possible to achieve a higher average fruit weight and a lower percentage of green fruit than in the CTAEX thesis. An advance in the phenological stage of ripening was observed, obtaining 85% of red fruit in less time in the PENERGETIC thesis.
  • The use of PENERGETIC treatments had no impact on the rest of the agronomic parameters evaluated in the processingtomato (gross yield, acceptable raw material, percentage of over-ripe fruits, and percentage of sunburn fruits), although in comparison with the rest of the treatments, a trend in yield is observed, higher in the thesis with the PENERGETIC products. The same happens with the percentage of diseased fruits, where the PENERGETIC thesis was the one that showed a better tendency with a lower number of damaged fruits, but this would have to be corroborated in successive years.
  • The use of PENERGETIC treatments had no significant response on the contentof macronutrients and micronutrients in the tomato fruit, although in comparison with the CTAEX thesis, a trend in nitrogen content is observed, higher in the thesis with PENERGETIC products.

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