With the impulse of nature

The signs in agriculture are pointing to change. The rapidly growing population demands an ever-increasing quantity of food under increasing quality. Agriculture is trying to ensure an efficient, yet resource-saving cultivation.

For over 20 years, Penergetic has been committed to driving positive change for people, animals and the environment. That is why we have developed a technology that enables the efficient and optimal use of natural resources. The Penergetic Technology. Sustainable and intelligent approaches to agriculture benefit from the biostimulation of Penergetic technology.

Penergetic's research is based on a holistic approach. It is important to consider as many interrelationships as possible between natural process chains in agriculture and the environment.

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the benefits of penergetic b and penergetic p


Penergetic protection from wild boar damage

Monitoring of wild boar population after application of penergetic b WV

[...]According to the information provided by hunters, there has been no activity of wild boars in the area delimited by the sprayed strip.[...] On...

Arkadiusz Artyszak and Dariusz Gozdowski Institute of Agriculture, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Study University of Warsaw: Reduce dose of mineral nitrogen by 30% and still achieve an increase in yield

[...]It was confirmed that the two combinations allowed a higher yield of maize grain by 2.9% and 8.8%, respectively, compared to the full nitrogen...


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Study University of Warsaw: Reduce dose of mineral fertilizer by 30% and still achieve an increase in yield


Study conducted by the Institute of Agriculture at Warsaw University of Life Sciences—SGGW


New explanation video for penergetic p for plants and penergetic b for soil


A vision for agriculture

Our vision is one of a high-performing and efficient agriculture. An agriculture that preserves resources and makes optimal use of natural potential. An agriculture that already thinks about future generations today.


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