Take advantage of biostimulation with the Penergetic technology for vitalized and structured water.

The AquaKat is a physical impulse transmitter (sender, catalyst), which forwards a previously programmed frequency pattern to the water. The effect of the device is based on the principle of resonance. The water responds to frequencies and can store or process those. The inner part of the AquaKat transmits the programmed information of natural, high-quality spring water, oxygen and minerals to the water, brings it into resonance and influences the molecular behavior (cluster) of the water. Through this process the water can be restructured and so called vitalized.

This vitalization will give you advantages in animal husbandry, plant cultivation and other industries!


When selecting a suitable device, the factors, like the waterconsumption,  must be taken into account.

You find the different models in the instruction of the product under Downloads, or ask your local partner.


The AquaKat can be mounted on all types of pipe materials with the exception of lead pipes. It is not necessary to interfere with the pipe network. It should be noted that electromagnetic fields in the close area of the AquaKat can have an interference and reduce this effect. Please ask your local distributor for further instructions. Therefore, care should be taken where it is installed. For the installation of the AquaKat, a free pipe length of approx. 20 cm is required, depending on the AquaKat unit. The AquaKat should be installed behind the water meter and the pressure reducer with the mounting clamp. The pipe should be clean and free of rust and dirt.

Mode of Action

Greater Feed efficiency

Due to the altered structure of the water, it can be better absorbed by the animals, which increases the efficiency.

Higher water consumption by animals
Consumption increases due to the better absorbency and the more pleasant taste of the water.

Less need for cleaning and shorter non-operating time in machine parks

The vitalized water helps to dissolve limescale deposits. This simplifies cleaning and results in both time and cost savings. In addition, further deposition is made more difficult.

Saving and optimization of additives
Improved cell accessibility makes it easier to transport additives.

Better nutrient uptake by plants

By structuring the water a better cell accessibility is achieved, which brings the nutrients better to their destination and thus the plant is optimally supplied.

Stronger plant growth
The vitalized water absorbed and strengthened the plant just as it is by humans, since plants also consists of at least up to 50% water.


Successful use of AquaKat with herbicides

Water structured with AquaKat and the increase of the dry matter of the plants provide a Russian farmer 50-100% higher crop yields with reduced...


Success with heating furnaces using AquaKat

The use of AquaKat significantly lenghtens the descaling interval. Since the heating furnaces have to be cooled down for dedescaling, AquaKat saves a...




Question 1: What is the AquaKat used for?

Through technical and chemical processing as well as pressurization, transport and stagnant in pipes for long periods of time, water loses most of its vitality. The AquaKat gives water back its original vitality.

Question 2: How does the AquaKat work?

The AquaKat transmits selected frequencies patterns that vitalize the water by means of its specially designed body. This stimulates the 'habbits' of the water, i.e. water molecules are activated and start to resonate, water clusters (molecule chains and clusters) break up into more structured water clusters form. This effect resonates throughout the watersystem.

Question 3: What quantities can be treated with AquaKat?

Due to the extremely different quantities of water to be treated in industry, household and agriculture, various devices have been developed which can treat quantities of water from 100 litres per day up to 175,000 litres per day. Please contact our partners for individual advice.

Question 4: What can interfere or slow down the effects of the AquaKat?

Strong electrical fields interfere with the effects of the AquaKat. If there are any larger electrical appliances in the room, the electromagnetic field should be measured before installation. Plastic pipes are slower conductors (frequency transmitters) than metal pipes. If the AquaKat is fitted to a plastic pipe, a slight delay can be expected before its effects take hold.

Question 5: Are there any known problems with using the AquaKat?

If the pipes are very old, it is possible that they may start to leak due to limescale being removed, e.g. if there are any existing hairline cracks in the pipes. The AquaKat should not be used with lead pipes.


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