penergetic b
penergetic p


Rodrigo and Ricardo Martens


Centro de Innovación Montefrutal (CIM)
C. Abud & Cía.

40% higher yield in Kiwi

"We can conclude that applying penergetic b and penergetic p products during season 2021-22 had a significant influence on productivity of a Hayward kiwi orchard located in the municipality of Molina in Chile." Centro de Innovación Montefrutal (CIM), Chile.

Specific purposes

•   To assess the effects of treatments on vegetative growth of kiwi trees.

•   To assess the effects of treatments on productivity of kiwi trees.

•   To assess the effects of treatments on quality of harvested fruit.

Experimental design and treatments

A fully randomized experimental design was established, with 2 treatments and 4 repetitions. Every experimental unit consisted of 30 trees in 3 adjacent rows.

Plant productivity

Productivity results show that plant yield is affected by treatments, reaching a statistically higher yield in T1 (penergetic). Concerning productivity parameters, significant differences are noted in fruit grams per spur, mainly in T1, with a clear trend towards increased number of fruits in T1.

Economic analysis (yield and size)

Subsequently, using the specific size curve for each treatment, fruit kilograms per size were determined in both treatments. Grower’s income in US$ per size of harvested fruit in each treatment.