Effects of Penergetic technology on reducing soil compaction and increasing crop productivity

One of the most pronounced effects of soil compaction is the reduction in the volume of soil explored roots, limiting the use of water and nutrients... more

Scientific Publication: In Vitro Activation of Microbial Growth in Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

"Significant increases in fungal and bacterial growth were observed when using the commercial biostimulator in culture medium."
Publication of... more

The importance of mycorrhizal associations for crop productivity

"It is important to understand that the high productivity of the crops depends on chemically balanced, physically structured and biologically active... more

77% increase in phosphor with penergetic: long-term evaluation of the application on meadow in Austria

The evolution from the first test results in 2010 until 2018 shows an increase of 77% Phosphor. The average of plant available P2O5 got from 5mg /... more

Yield increase despite fertilizer reduction

Although the amount of artificial fertilizer has been reduced by 20% an increase in yield had been measured in the Penergetic variants); Together with... more

Litter bag test: penergetic b in soil increases the biological activity, leading to a higher decomposition rate.

The use of penergetic b in soil increases biological activity, which leads to a higher rate of decomposition.
The decomposition rate was determined... more

Poor alkaline soil is transformed into fertile field

penergetic b converts a non-productive alkaline field in Southern Alberta/Canada into a alfalfa field. more

Application on grass silage in Austria; no reduction in yield despite drought

By activating the organisms in the soil, especially earthworms and roots, the soil's water absorption and storage properties are improved with... more

Better corn yield in Canada

With the penergetic plant product treatments you are able to improve corn harvest, i.e. between 14.9% up to 20.9% more cob weight in average. more