penergetic b


Penergetic Canada


Farm in Souterh Alberta, Canada

Poor alkaline soil is transformed into fertile field

penergetic b converts a non-productive alkaline field in Southern Alberta/Canada into a alfalfa field.

Nothing of value had grown on this land in the past 20+ years: yet, it has been used for a little cattle grazing. Historically, some koshia (an alkaline soil pH tolerant invasive weed) has been about the only thing that has grown on this ground.

Alkali soil

Before: typical alkaline soil


August 2015: 800g/acre (2kg/ha) penergetic b
Spring 2016: 300g/ac (750g/ha) penergetic b

Note: No penergetic p has been applied!



Field planted in alfalfa, cut in late July
Yield: 1 ton/ac = 2.5t/ha!

penergetic b made this formerly alkali field productive!