penergetic p


Boland Organic Solutions CC, Andre Pretorius/South africa


Drastic reduction of spraying costs and 15% more yield with penergetic p

The effect of penergetic p shows very well in this potatoe experiment: strong plants and significantly lower fertilizer costs.

This trial with the potato variety Mondeals was carried out in the western Cape region of South Africa with a test field and a control field.

Regarding the foliar fertilizers, the control field was treated with the usual spraying plan of the farm, which the farmer did not tell us. He only told us the costs. 

For the test field we drew up a spraying plan with penergetic p bentonite, Herbali, GroStim and Cal-Up (organic fertilizer). The costs amounted to approx. 20% of the spraying costs for the control field.

The use of herbicides and pesticides remained unchanged, as this was not part of the test criteria. The soil fertilizers used were the same for both fields.


  • + 15% more yield (Test: 67t/ha. Control: 58t/ha. Regional average: 55-60t/ha)
  • - 80% costs for the spraying program 
  • Big plants
  • Thick stalks
  • More and big tubers


We ran a few trial runs before and found that our best results are obtained by using penergetic p during the early stages of crop growth. No more penergetic was given after week 4 (but GroStim contains some penergetic p molasses).  Nevertheless, the harvest was abundant.

Comparison photos

The plants in the pictures are week 4 after emergence and there are vast differences already.

Control, left side: plant lanes are still visible.

Test, right side: Vigorous growth, closed planting lanes.

Control left - Test - right side