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Penergetic Canada


Cow diary farm in British Columbia/Canada

Fantastic results in slurry lagoon

With the application of penergetic g, the heavy crust on the lagoon surface of a 300 cow dairy farm in Canada dissolved within eight weeks.

Prior to the treatment with penergetic g, there was a heavy crust on the lagoon surface. 

4 weeks after the initial treatment, there was evidence of the crust breaking down, the manure was bubbling. Additional 1 kg of penergetic g was applied in alleys per week. 

After seven weeks of treatment, the former crust largely dissolved. 

The following week the lagoon was partially pumped out. The operator said that the manure required minimal agitation and was much easier to pump.

27. October 2014

Protocol used

  • 30 kg of penergetic g added to the lagoon as shock treatment
  • 1kg of penergetic g applied in alleys per week 

penergetic g to break down crust on the lagoon surface

24. November 2014

penergetic g used as lagoon treatment

15. December 2014