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Penergetic UK Ltd.
Mr. Alan Phillips


Cattleholmes pig farm

Problems with heavy layers in pig slurry are solved

A pig farm in the UK was struggling with floating layers on the slurry. Some of the layers were up to 45cm thick. Sedimentation layers of up to 30cm also made handling the slurry difficult.

penergetic g TS helps to dissolve floating layers in lsurry

Initial situation

  • Crust of 25 – 45cm
  • Sediment layer of 30cm

Penergetic g application

  • Penergetic g TS      3lt. molasses per 100m3 slurry applied over the slats.
  • Penergetic g TS      20g powder per LSU per week for 4 weeks
  • Penergetic g TS      10g powder per LSU per week for 4 weeks

Vergleich Schweinegülle mit und ohne penergetic g

Thick floating layers in the shed without penergetic g:

This was the tank in the next shed on the 23.01.2019, that has not had penergetic g TS. The crust is forming and there was already thick sediment in the bottom layer. All this in a tank that has had pigs above for four weeks less than the penergetic tank.

Results with penergetic g in pig slurry

Pig liquid manure treated with penergetic g:

These three pictures were taken on the 23.01.2019. As it shows up, there was a very fine floating layer on top, which just dispersed with a very slight stirring. There was still a layer of sediment on the bottom of the tank, but it was much lighter than in November 2018 and mixed in with moderate effort. The farm staff and the owner were all impressed.

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