penergetic k


Hans-Ulrich Bigler, Schlosswil/Switzerland


Martin Stucker, Oberthal/Switzerland

Successful treatment of solid manure from the cowshed

With penergetic k, the manure from the loose-box rots fast and produces reusable compost. The smell of the manure heap has been significantly reduced.

In Martin Stucker's “Bio-Knospe” farm, it is important that the farm manure is not only optimally used, but also well prepared for the plants. Martin Stucker says: "I have been using penergetic products in my company for four years now. Four years ago, we switched from tethering to playpens for cattle. We have decided on an animal-friendly multi-room playpen:

  • Fastened feeding place
  • Lying area in straw deep spreading
  • Fixed outlet

Penergetic k in the playpen

We have classified the amount of manure from the playpen as problematic:

  • The manure is very firm and can only be removed with difficulties 
  • The manure should remain as dry as possible and break down 
  • The manure should be stored temporarily before spreading in order to rotting better and to being more available for plants = lots of work

Looking for a product that improves these points, we turned to Mr. Bigler in Schlosswil/Switzerland and got a first impression about the effect of penergetic products in his stable.


1x weekly, watering the manure with the watering can

Changes due to the use of penergetic k

  • The manure does not get warm = no reduction of nutrients
  • The manure breaks down and does not putrefy, but rot = Less odour
  • The manure is dry, the animals are therefore cleaner and the bedding can be reduced
  • Few flies in the barn and outside
  • The manure is not so firm and can be spread directly
  • In my opinion, the manure is better available for plants. Application in: Meadow, winter barley and winter wheat 
  • We observed that earnings are generally rising