penergetic p


Penergetic Solutions USA, Justin Henson


Peter Gines, Outlook, USA

Silage corn with foliar treatment

Silage corn is an important agricultural crop feed to livestock in the United States. Corn grown in Washington State treated with penergetic shows many advantages over Control.

Remarkable first-year results in corn

When Peter Gines walked into his corn fields previously foliar sprayed with penergetic p, he was amazed at what he saw. He compared the penergetic treated corn to the untreated field that he owns just down the road (same variety). "I might have the tallest corn in the valley!” he said in mid-July. Now he knows why penergetic products are being used in over 30 countries.


100g/ac (250g/ha)   penergetic p as foliar treatment

Observations approx. 4 weeks before harvest

  • 100% pollination
  • Significantly better established root system and brace roots
  • Larger diameter of corn stalks (approx. 20% larger)
  • Approx. 6 times more stalks with fully developed 2nd ears
  • Bigger cobs, 13% more and bigger kernels