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Ricardo Bemfica Steffen and
Gerusa Pauli Kist Steffen
PhD in Soil Science


The importance of mycorrhizal associations for crop productivity

"It is important to understand that the high productivity of the crops depends on chemically balanced, physically structured and biologically active soils.”
The most important group for cultivated plants is the arbuscular mycorrhizae. This group have a system of exchange of assimilates present inside the roots. The so-called arbuscules and vesicles are structures formed in the root cortex and regulate the exchange of sugars and nutrients between the plant and the fungus. Arbuscular mycorrhizae are present in several agricultural crops around the world. Mycorrhizal plants are able to explore a much larger volume of soil in search of water and nutrients

Mycorrhizal fungus can supply up to 80% of phosphorus

Mycorrhizal fungus can supply up to 80% of phosphorus, 25% of nitrogen, 10% of potassium, 25% of zinc and 60% of the copper that the plant needs.