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Penergetic Canada
Derek Pratt


M&L Farms
Rosedale, B.C./Canada

Better corn yield in Canada

With the penergetic plant product treatments you are able to improve corn harvest, i.e. between 14.9% up to 20.9% more cob weight in average.

Application on corn in Canada

Treatment of corn variety “Maizex”, CHU Range: 2400 – 2500.

Date of seeding:           Mai 22, 2015

Date of comparison:     August 12, 2015

Facts and Figures

the table shows the different applications made.

Summary Introduction

  • corn harvest was improve with the penergetic plant treatments, i.e. between 14.9% up to 20.9/% more cob weight in average.
  • Cobs not only gain more weight they also are more healthy and robust.
  • Kernel sizes are more homogeneous.


  • Increased yield
  • Higher quality (kernel size and shape, more uniformity, cob weight)