penergetic b


Penergetic Österreich, Christof Weber


Johann Braid, St. Johann near Schärding/Österreich

Application on grass silage in Austria; no reduction in yield despite drought

By activating the organisms in the soil, especially earthworms and roots, the soil's water absorption and storage properties are improved with penergetic b. In addition, nutrients in the organic fertilizer are activated through natural processes and can in turn be easier converted by the plants.

Upper Austria, spring 2011: Due to the severe drought, the first grass cut resulted in an average yield loss of 30 - 70%, i.e. an average of approx. 10 silo bales per hectare.

A different situation appeared at the farm of Johann Braid. He owns 45 livestock units (approx. 8000lt milk/year), 10 hectares of pasture and five hectares of farmland and has been using penergetic products for over 10 years. 

In the dry season 2011 he was able to harvest the same amount of pasture grass as in 2010.


Farmland: 2-4 kg/ha penergetic b per season
Pasture: 2-4 kg/ha penergetic b per season


First cut: 15.2 silo bales*/ha
Second cut: 14.8 silo bales/ha
Third cut: 13.8 silo bales/ha

*1 silo bale = feed ration/45LU/day; 1.25m x 1.25m

At the end of the season, an additional fourth cut could be harvested! This was possible in 2005 for the last time.

  • 2010: 5’000 kg/ha
  • 2011: 6’000 kg/ha = + 20%


The long-time use of penergetic b pays off; the pastures are better able to cope with the weather caprioles.

Johann Braid says: "My neighbours have been watching me for over 10 years - they see the positive changes in my fields, but still work with their traditional methods. I am astonished about this, because the penergetic system is inexpensive and easy to use and, as you can see, achieves extremely positive results!