penergetic p


DEC GmbH Germany, Gert Dieterle


Farm Dermanopoulos, Greece

Good results by applying penergetic p on cotton

With the use of penergetic p, a harvest increase of 80% and an income increase of 128% were achieved. Additionally, the cotton is of better quality.

The Dermanopoulos farm in northern Greece grows cotton on 7.2 hectares. The soil quality is poor. In addition to penergetic products, nitrogen N40 and N46 and pesticides were used.


  •  June 3rd – 4 leaves: 300ml / ha penergetic p molasses
  • June 14th – Plant height 25cm: 300ml / ha penergetic p molasses  
  • July 20th – Fertilization: 300g / ha penergetic p bentonite

Observed differences of the penergetic-treated plants versus the control plants

  • Much more intense green, healthy plants
  • 5-10cm higher plants
  • The root system is much longer and stronger
  • Better cotton quality

The difference between the plants from the penergetic trial plot to the control plot was obvious from the beginning. When looking at the trial field between the second and third fertilization, the neighbouring farmers were really shocked by the big difference to their own plants and asked what Dermanopoulos had done!

The farmer only used nitrogen (N40 and N46) twice and phosphorus and pesticides once! He did not use any herbicides in the field all year round. His comment: 

"I've never seen anything like that before. I will use penergetic again!


Control plot: 2000 kg/ha
Penergetic plot: 3600 kg/ha! 
Profitability ca. 80%


The farmer was afraid at the first application of penergetic and did NOT reduce the fertilizers and sprays by at least 20% as recommended by Penergetic.

Additional income 2017: € 7’308  = + 128%