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Penergetic Costa Rica, Fabricio Alfaro Jaikel


Two farms in La Fortuna de S. C./Costa Rica

Decreasing somatic cells with penergetic t udder care

Two different farms tested successfully the effect of penergetic t udder care on somatic cells in the milk.

Mastitis can be in many times a genetic situation. Sometimes cows do not respond to any treatment. In each case there were two cows that didn’t respond and the somatic cell number increased. 

Farm A tested the milk of nine penergetic-treated cows; farm B did the same with twelve cows. The test period was set to 28 days. 


  • 4 grs per cow per day for 3 weeks
  • 10 grs per cow per day after 3 weeks

At the beginning of the trial we could see somatic cell increase, it's because of the effect of free radicals and damage cells being excreted. After 2 weeks we saw very good effect.


Note: The somatic cell number of the first cow in farm B was 8’151’000 at the beginning and 43’000 at the end. It is not shown in the figure because of the very high number at the beginning, so the other values could hardly be seen.

Figure 1: Farm A (9 cows)

Figure 2: Farm B (12 cows)

Average of somatic cells in both Farms

penergetic t udder care has very good effects. Here in Costa Rica we have an 85% of effectivity with penergetic t udder care. 

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