Decreasing somatic cells with penergetic t udder care

Two different farms tested successfully the effect of penergetic t udder care on somatic cells in the milk. more

Short-time composting in Canada

penergetic k accelerates the composting process and thus helps to solve space problems in the composting yard by increased throughput. Furthermore,... more

Good results by applying penergetic p on cotton

With the use of penergetic p, a harvest increase of 80% and an income increase of 128% were achieved. Additionally, the cotton is of better quality. more

Successful use of AquaKat with herbicides

Water structured with AquaKat and the increase of the dry matter of the plants provide a Russian farmer 50-100% higher crop yields with reduced... more

Fantastic results in slurry lagoon

With the application of penergetic g, the heavy crust on the lagoon surface of a 300 cow dairy farm in Canada dissolved within eight weeks. more

Poor alkaline soil is transformed into fertile field

penergetic b converts a non-productive alkaline field in Southern Alberta/Canada into a producting alfalfa field. more

Drastic reduction of spraying costs and 15% more yield with penergetic p

The effect of penergetic p shows very well in this potatoe experiment: stronger plants, more yield, significantly lower fertilizer costs. more

Reduction of mites in the henhouse

A chicken farm achieves very good results with penergetic t Paraprotect, which was developed to combat mites. more

Successful treatment of solid manure from the cowshed

With penergetic k, the manure from the loose-box rots better and produces valuable compost. The smell of the manure heap has been significantly... more

Success with penergetic g in the rotting of long straw

The rotting of long straw is much more time-consuming than the rotting of short straw because the straw is not split. With penergetic g, the rotting... more