penergetic t

Take advantage of biostimulation with the Penergetic technology for sustainable and beneficial animal husbandry.

A good basic feed is the basis for a healthy animal population and a high-quality end product. penergetic t was specially developed to support, maintain and promote animal health and welfare.

As basis substances from nature were used, which have a biostimulant effect on the immune system and the digestion of the animals. The animals are naturally strengthened. This has a positive effect on their entire organism. In addition to the general standard product, specific combinations for individual animal species and special needs have been developed.


penergetic t is a feed additive. The required quantity of penergetic t can be mixed with the feed. It can also be mixed with mineral feed, dissolved in water, mixed over silage, hay, grass, etc.

Penergetic t is not a substitute for veterinary measures!


Calcium Carbonate

2-5 gr/LSU (Live-Stock-Unit) or



The indicated dosages are general standards. Please ask for specific animal species or breeds and have the dosage adapted to the specific needs!

Mode of Action

Promotes weight gain
Improves meat quality
Improves digestion
Boost the immune system
Better nutrient utilization


Decreasing somatic cells with penergetic t udder care

Two different farms tested successfully the effect of penergetic t udder care on somatic cells in the milk.


Reduction of mites in the henhouse

A chicken farm achieves very good results with penergetic t Paraprotect, which was developed to combat mites.




Question 1: What are the effects of penergetic t?

penergetic t is used as a feed additive, improving the quality of the animal. The programmed frequencies promotes an increased feed conversion, regulates the immune system and regenerative powers of the animals. Another benefit is an improved climate in the animal houses which results from positive changes in the excrement.

Question 2: How does penergetic t works?

penergetic t uses specialized information from minerals, trace elements and herbs. By using information that strengthens the immune system and improves digestion, penergetic t has a positive effect on the entire organism. The information stimulates the animal's organism and triggers necessary excretion processes.

Question 3: Where is penergetic t used?

penergetic t can be used for all animal species. There are special products for individual animal species and indications. Contact our partners here. penergetic t is not used for viral diseases and signs requiring veterinary care.

Question 4: Can penergetic t always be added to the feed?

Yes. The product can also be used prophylactically.

Question 5: Does penergetic t also have an effect on the slurry?

Yes! There is a large number of bacteria in the intestine. Digestive problems have an effect on the slurry and it cannot be optimally converted. If the excretions improve, the slurry will improve too.


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