penergetic b

Take advantage of biostimulation with the Penergetic technology for active and fertile soil.

penergetic b has been designed to stimulate soil biology and promote its activity. Stimulation of soil biology promotes the build-up of humus. This has a lasting effect on the preservation of soil fertility and health. The product supports the aerobic rotting processes in the soil and promotes the degradation of harvest residues.

penergetic b stimulates the natural microbiology. This has a positive effect on soil compaction and improves the property as a basis for plant cultivation.

In addition, the product stimulates the mycorrhizae growth, this is important for the plant nutrition. This promotes root growth of the plants and increases the accessibility of nutrients.


penergetic b is used as a soil application on arable land or grassland. It is applied at least 10 days before seeding and directly after harvest. penergetic b can be applied and/or mixed with liquid or dry fertilizer.

An application is recommended by Penergetic Int. but should be adapted to local conditions, such as climate, plant species, soil conditions, etc.

In the case of large areas under cultivation, we recommend carrying out specific analyses beforehand.


Calcium Bentonite

300-500 gr/ha


300-500 ml/ha

The indicated dosages are general standards. Please ask for specific soil types and have the dosage adapted to the specific needs!

Mode of Action

Helps mitigate soil compaction

The living conditions of the soil organisms are improved and good water drainage is promoted. This provides the plants with good growing conditions

Accelerates microbial activity

Favour the production of soil substance by increasing the activity of microorganisms.

Improves the soil quality

By improving the habitat for active soil organisms, you improve the quality of your soil and thus the growth of your plants.

Promotes healthy root systems

By loose and air-permeable soils, as well as a promoted humus formation you give your plants an optimal basis for healthy roots and high-yielding plants.

Activates crop residue decompostion

Activate the increased breakdown of harvest residues and supply your soil with natural nutrients.


Poor alkaline soil is transformed into fertile field

penergetic b converts a non-productive alkaline field in Southern Alberta/Canada into a producting alfalfa field.


Application on silage grass in Austria

By activating the organisms in the soil, especially earthworms and mycorrhizal fungi, the soil's water absorption and storage properties are improved....




Question 1: What are the effects of penergetic b?

penergetic b promotes the formation and regeneration of soil life (humus formation) as well as the formation of mycorrhizae. By activating soil life, soil fertility is lastingly improved and the soil structure (tillage) is optimized. In addition rotting is promoted (aerobic metabolic processes in the soil) which speeds up the rotting process.

Question 2: How does penergetic b works?

penergetic b optimizes resources in the soil by regenerating and activating soil life. It activates rotting processes and activates aerobic metabolic processes in the soil.

Question 3: Can penergetic p be combined to penergetic b?

Combining penergetic b and penergetic p optimizes the effects. penergetic b promotes essential nutrients from the clay-humus complexes in the soil being dissolved that are otherwise not available to the plants, e.g. phosphorus, and penergetic p promotes root growth and stimulates the plants' metabolism so that the increased availability of nutrients can be converted into increased productivity.  

Question 4: What can penergetic b combined with?

penergetic b can be mixed with other agents such as herbicides, pesticides, chemical or biological substances (It should not be used together with fungicides.). It is possible to improve the effectiveness of these agents in this way, therefore we recommend reducing spraying agents. It is necessary to monitor exactly to what extent these agents can be reduced, this should be carried out in several steps. However, the instructions from the manufacturers of the individual products must be adhered to.

Question 5: Can penergetic b be applied with glyphosate?

Yes. In this way the effectiveness of glyphosate can be improved. Close observation of the effects are required as well as the reduction of the dosage. 


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