penergetic b WV

Use the biostimulation of Penergetic to deter wild game.

The product protects against game browsing. First tests in Austria, Germany and Poland, show reductions of damages by wild boar browsing with penergetic b WV.


Penergetic b WV is used as a soil application on farmland or grassland. It is applied after sowing, around the field and over a minimum width of 18 metres. Penergetic b WV can be mixed with spray agents or liquid manure. Penergetic b WV can be combined with penergetic b for more nutrients in the soil and penergetic p for better plant growth.

Applications are always a recommendation of Penergetic Int. AG, but should be adapted to the local conditions.


Application for field sizes < 100 ha

600 g/ha on entire area

Application for field sizes > 100 ha

1 kg/ha at field edge, minimum width: 18m

The indicated dosages are general standards and may be adapted to the local conditions.

Mode of Action

wild boar deterrence without fence
Does not require electricity

no expensive fences or electricity necessary.

protection against wild boar damages
Protects against game browsing

No more costly damages due to game browsing.

wild boar deterrence
Suitable for wild boars

Wild boars prefer untreated fields to fields treated with penergetic b WV.

Long-term effect even after precipitation.

the long-term effect of the product is not reduced by rain or snow.


penergetic b WV has no unpleasant odor.

Testimonials of Penergetic users

Penergetic protection from wild boar damage

Monitoring of wild boar population after application of penergetic b WV

[...]According to the information provided by hunters, there has been no activity of wild boars in the area delimited by the sprayed strip.[...] On...


Problems with wild boars??

A field trial with penergetic b WV for game deterrence in Leibstadt, Canton Aargau, Switzerland confirmed the effect of penergetic b WV. The trial was...




Question 1: How does penergetic b WV help against game browsing?

The frequencies of deterrence products and human hair used, form an oscillation or frequency field in which the game does not feel comfortable. The wild boar deterrence product is biological, works without electricity and has a long-lasting effect. Even after rain!

Question 2: Can penergetic b WV against game browsing be applied in combination with other agents?

Yes, the product can be applied with liquid manure or other soil and plant protection agents.

Question 3: How long does the game deterrent effect last?

On average, one application with the seed/planting and, in very exposed locations, one application with the last spray is sufficient.

Question 4: Can penergetic b WV be applied with the plant growth promoting penergetic p?

Yes, penergetic b WV has no additional soil-improving frequencies, but works holistically against serious game damage. For this reason it can be mixed with penergetic p.

Question 5: Can penergetic b WV be applied with glyphosate?

Yes, penergetic b WV can be applied with glyphosate.


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