Quite wild: wild boar populations are constantly growing

How you can now protect your farmland

Due to the warm winters and an ever-increasing supply of food, the wild boar populations increase steadily and annually. This poses a growing problem for farmers.

The most effective solution so far seems to be the release for hunting. Other solutions, but also in focus, are adapted forest management or distraction feeding. 

Despite these time-consuming measures, farmers must constantly find new solutions, as intelligent wild boars quickly adapt to the new conditions and avoid them.

The result, however, is that despite the measures taken, the arable land is usually ravaged by wild boar, especially in areas close to forests, there is no continuous vegetation on the arable land, costs are incurred for reseeding, and harvests are reduced.

In order to overcome the problem of game browsing, Penergetic International AG has now developed a product that supports farmers in keeping wild boars and red deer away from their farmland. On the basis we are talking about a product that is biologically harmless, does not require electricity and is still effective even after rainfall.

The function of this product lies in electromagnetic frequencies. Difficult to explain, but all the more effective is this product. "That sounds difficult now," Daniel Plocher, sales manager at Penergetic, told agrarheute. But it is actually quite simple. "We have programmed frequency patterns of human pheromones for our new product called penergetic b Boden WV," he explained. (Source: agrarheute)

Wild boars and red deer thus smell the smell of a human person, which is achieved here, however, only by a simple powder application. The product penergetic b WV is a soil additive which consists of simple rock flours (mainly calcium bentonite), which is applied via a full surface treatment for small field areas or an edge surface treatment with a minimum width of 18 m. The product is also used for the treatment of the soil with a water-based agent. This application proves to be a cost-effective and animal-friendly alternative for the farmer with the field sprayer simply and thanks to the low expenditure effect and maximum success.

The product can be used on a wide variety of farmland from grassland and maize to fruit orchards and is odourless. Thus it is not only a solution for game, but also a pleasant alternative for humans.

Positive feedback has also already been received from test farms: Gleistal-Agrar e.G. in Golmsdorf, Thuringia, tried out the new product from Penergetic. The company laid the corn in mid-May 2018 and treated it with the powder on 22 May. Farmer Andreas Schnorr's résumé: "Fields treated with penergetic b WV showed significantly less damage from wild boars." (Source: agrarheute)