penergetic g to improve slurry

Take advantage of the biostimulation of penergetic for homogeneous and valuable slurry.

penergetic g helps reduce crust, assists with layer decomposition in the slurry and reduces sludge. This noticeably reduces the stirring effort needed to keep your slurry flowable. The obtained homogeneous slurry can be evenly spread across your fields. Furthermore, with an aerobic slurry, you get a noticeable odour reduction! Your neighbors will thank you!

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penergetic g is mixed into the liquid manure. Simple insertion via the agitator, the channels or the slatted floors.

An application is recommended by Penergetic Int., but should be adapted to the local conditions, such as consistency of the liquid manure, effects of hygiene or veterinary products, etc.

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Calcium Carbonate

Stable: 5-10 gr/LSU(Live-stock-unit)/Week
Pit: 1-2 kg/100 m3 new manure


Stable: 5-10 ml/LSU(Live-stock-unit)/Week
Pit: 1-2 l/100 m3 new manure

The indicated dosages are general standards. Please ask for certain types of slurry and have the dosage adapted to the specific needs!

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