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Penergetic at the Oekofielddays 2017 (from Friday, 02.06.2017)

VIV Asia 2017 - Penergetic was there! (from Tuesday, 04.04.2017)

Penergetic Switzerland in Brazil - the Penergetic World Tour (from Friday, 24.02.2017)

Groundbreaking for the future (from Monday, 23.01.2017)

Investment in the future - our new company building in Romanshorn! (from Friday, 13.01.2017)

Penergetic Switzerland in Canada (from Tuesday, 27.09.2016)

Landwirtschaftliches Info- und Netzwerktreffen am BSBZ (from Sunday, 25.09.2016)

15 Years Penergetic (from Monday, 11.07.2016)